Full Name
Dr Felix Ritchie
Job Title
Professor of Applied Economics
University of the West of England
Speaker Bio
Dr. Felix Ritchie is Professor of Applied Economics at the University of the West of England, and leader of Bristol Data Research Access and Governance Network

He is an applied economist with particular research interests in the use, quality and accessibility of government data, and its policy application; labour economics; data management, data confidentiality, security and access; and statistical disclosure control, privacy and identification.

Dr Ritchie has worked in a variety of private and public sector organisations, large and small. Prior to joining UWE Bristol in 2012, he spent nearly a decade as Head of Microdata Analysis and User Support at the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS). The experience of working with government departments, ensuring that research is relevant, policy-oriented and accessible to non-specialists, has driven much of his subsequent career and focus on user-centred system design. Dr. Ritchie continues to provide frequent formal and informal consultancy on data and analysis to government departments in the UK and internationally.

Dr. Ritchie devised the Five Safes in 2003 while at ONS. This popular framework for managing data access has been widely adopted by government departments across the world. He developed the principles-based approach to data access, along with technical solutions to statistical disclosure control, user training and governance. His work has directly led to primary legislation in the UK and Australia.

Felix Ritchie