Top Crown Veterinary 4 Methods to Reduce Kennel Anxiety in Pet Boarding

4 Methods to Reduce Kennel Anxiety in Pet Boarding

Typically, owners cannot take their dogs on vacation. If a friend will not pet-sit your dog, you must kennel it. Even though most kennels give the dogs they board excellent care, kennel stress can still happen. Pet owners can take a few steps to make their dogs feel more at ease while staying at a kennel.

How to Prevent Kennel Stress When Boarding Pets

Even one night in a boarding kennel may cause anxiety in your dog, and more extended stays may exacerbate their stress levels. While not all dogs go through kennel stress, it is a common and unpleasant occurrence for most dogs and a very stressful situation for their owners. If you think your pet still seems upset or stressed, visit a pet hospital in Clarksville, TN, to get your pet checked.

Prepare Your Pet

The confinement of a dog in a kennel can be very stressful because they are used to roaming the house and going wherever they please. To help the dog feel less anxious, the owner can start getting ready for the visit. Your dog can be trained for kennel time using a crate, kennel, or small bedroom at home.

Avoid Separation Anxiety

An anxious dog may become upset when separated from its owner or other dogs. A few weeks before leaving, the owner should spend a certain number of hours each day away from the dog. If the owner has more than one dog, separating them for a few hours each day is best to help them get used to being apart.

Visit the Facility

Every dog’s behavior is unknown to anyone who manages a dog kennel. The personalities and preferences of dogs vary greatly. The owner should visit the kennel and ask about their boarding services before departing to discuss their dog’s temperament. The dog’s accommodations will be better the more information the kennel owner has about the dog.

Bring Something Familiar

Bring something cozy and familiar to the kennel to aid in the dog’s relaxation. This could be a blanket, stuffed animal, or anything your dog associates with you. The dog will feel less anxious if familiar objects are around him.

When being boarded, many dogs exhibit anxiety. The owner should be familiar with a few preparation methods to help the dog feel less anxious while staying at the kennel.

Four Factors That Cause Kennel Stress

Changes in diet and routine, dog aggression, and introducing new sounds, smells, and people can make your dog anxious. Changes in familiar and unfamiliar surroundings can frighten even the calmest dogs.

Routine Modifications

Dogs are creatures of habit, so changing their routine can make them unhappy. Your dog’s routines for eating, sleeping, and exercising in a kennel will change.

Unfamiliar Individuals

Although most dogs love interacting with people, some are apprehensive of strangers. In a kennel, the caregiver might change every hour, which makes the dogs more stressed.

Lack of Regular Exercise

A dog’s stress level increases when he does not burn enough calories. A dog’s anxiety during boarding may worsen if they do not exercise enough or refuse to play in the kennel’s outdoor areas.

A Sudden Shift in Diet

A dog may get sick if it eats something strange, but it might also get anxious if its routine is disturbed. Diet is essential for dogs because it supports a robust immune system. If your dog stops eating, their nutritional status will deteriorate. 

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Despite our best efforts to reassure dogs, the kennel environment is frequently so different from their home that they feel anxious. Your dog will feel more at ease while boarded if you consider the above advice.