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Repair Your House Right After a Fire

Recovering from a house fire takes time, but you don’t have to do it alone. You can rely on trustworthy assistance for these eight steps because qualified professionals must carry out many of the necessary tasks.

Repairing a House After a Fire: 8 Steps

Contact the Insurer

Contacting your insurance provider is the first step in repairing your house after a fire. The claims process needs to get started right away. If you live in Florida, talk to your agent about hiring PuroClean or another reputable fire restoration business.

Working with a restoration business with an established track record and ongoing Preferred Vendor status is best. After a fire, if you are unsure whether to rebuild, let your agent and restoration specialist be your guides. Read on for more info.

Analyze the Structural Damage

Ensure the safety of a fire-damaged home before starting renovations. Your restoration expert might suggest a structural engineer for this crucial portion of the project. The engineer’s inspection focuses on the 

  • Floor joists in the basement, second floor, and attic
  • Identifies and describes any required repairs.
  • Load-bearing walls inside. 
  • Foundation walls in a basement.

The restoration specialist can also recommend licensed carpenters and electricians with experience repairing fire-damaged homes.

Make Sure the Property Is Secure

Before starting work on the house, board up any broken windows and lock all doors but one. The team from your restoration contractor can help with this job. Securing your home while it is being rebuilt reduces the chance of vandalism. After a fire, many insurance companies demand that properties be secured.

Give Structural Repairs a Top Priority

Another stage of the project that needs to be managed by experts is this one. You require skilled carpenters to perform significant repairs to preserve the home’s structural integrity. They rebuild the attic, replace damaged roof trusses and floor joists, and strengthen the internal framework.

Examine and Repair the Electrical System

Even if the fire did not destroy the electrical system in your home, you must have it examined and repaired by a qualified electrician. A new breaker box is frequently necessary for a fire-damaged home, and all wiring, outlets, and fixtures must be checked for safety and replaced if necessary.

Deal with Fire Damage Related Issues

A thorough cleanup is part of every renovation of a fire-damaged home to address the numerous fire- and smoke-related damages. Your restoration expert takes care of the following tasks and more:

  • Mold development on wet sheetrock
  • Traces of soot and smoke stains
  • Contaminated air ducts

You can find out more by consulting professionals.

Clean Every Space in the House

The time it takes to rebuild after a fire can range from weeks to months. Your best allies in a disaster are trained restoration technicians. They can fix burned floors and cracked sheetrock and even help you salvage furniture. One room at a time, control this last stage.

Record Everything, From Start to Finish

Rebuilding after a fire can be expensive, so keep track of all replacement and repair costs. Digitize your photos and documents to show the extent of your loss and the recovery cost. Working with the insurance company is easier when you have complete records and your restoration specialist can help you with the claims procedure.