Top Crown Consulting Top Ways to Keep Your Preschool Classroom Tidy

Top Ways to Keep Your Preschool Classroom Tidy

A classroom full of preschoolers can be such a ride. Most of the time, it is a delightful experience filled with excitement and energy. However, it can get messy every day, especially if activities require a lot of arts and crafts and other materials. If you are running a preschool class, you must keep your classroom clean and organized daily.

Organizing the Classroom

At first, keeping the classroom organized can seem overwhelming. There are various things to prioritize, especially the kids’ safety and accessibility. With the appropriate tools and storage space made by professionals like makerspace classroom solutions, you will be able to maintain a tidy classroom. It is essential to establish a routine with your preschoolers so that the act of cleaning up will eventually become a norm for them. Be creative with how you engage with your students, instilling in them that cleaning could be fun.

Accessible Storage

Students need accessible storage to get and put away their materials. Whether it be art materials, toys, books, and other classroom essentials, the storage spaces must be within reach for the preschoolers. There are several student and educator classroom furniture manufacturing products that you can look into for this purpose. You have to ensure that the storage spaces are safe for kids and that harmful tools like scissors and other sharp objects must be placed in storage spaces that are hard to reach. It is also important to establish where certain materials should be kept, so preschoolers know their designated areas.

Designated Cleaning Times

Setting a routine is important, especially if you want to ensure cleanliness in the classroom. Keeping a regular schedule of daily activities and when to clean and pack up the materials should be established. A predictable routine will instill a sense of discipline among the students, which will benefit the overall organization of the classroom. Allow your students to get acclimatized to routine designated cleaning times.

Make Cleaning Fun

Because you are working with kids, you have to be creative in making cleaning fun for them. Most children may look at cleaning up as a tedious chore, but you have the power to make tidying up the classroom an enjoyable experience. You can incorporate stories, dances, and role-playing games when it is time to tidy up the classroom. There are companies that focus on furniture for classrooms and educational spaces that allow students to have an easier time organizing and putting away their things. Keep your kids excited about each activity, and introduce the task of cleaning up as something fun and playful.


Keeping your classroom clean could be a challenging task, especially if you are dealing with preschoolers. Kids are usually filled with so much energy that playtime could be very messy at the end. As you maintain cleanliness in your classroom, you also have to keep in mind that your students are safe and that sharp objects are far from reach. However, you also need to ensure that storage places are accessible, that cleaning routines are established, and that cleaning time is fun and engaging. It would be great if you could make your students realize that tidying up the classroom does not have to be tiring; it could be fun and playful as well.