Top Crown Blog When to Seek Professional Help for Water Damage Restoration?

When to Seek Professional Help for Water Damage Restoration?

In the wake of a disaster, deciding whether or not to seek professional assistance for water damage restoration can be challenging. The water damage aftermath can leave anyone confused and overwhelmed since every case differs in severity and damage level. Therefore, it’s essential to understand when you can handle the damage yourself and when it becomes critical to call for professional help.

Visible Mold Growth

Your first clear sign that it’s time to call a professional is when you start noticing visible mold growth inside your property. Mold usually begins to grow 24 to 48 hours after water damage occurs. If not taken care of, this mold can pose significant health hazards and can lead to further damage to your property. Therefore, upon spotting any mold, contact a professional immediately to prevent the situation from escalating.

Structural Damage

Water damage can seriously weaken your property’s integrity, causing saggy ceilings, warped walls, or cracked foundations. Identifying these signs early is crucial, as they could lead to catastrophic outcomes if not addressed. This is where you need to find out more from professionals in water damage restoration to make sure the issue is properly resolved.

The Water Damage Is Extensive

If the water damage has spread to multiple rooms or levels, it may be overwhelming to address it yourself. Large-scale water damages require specialized techniques and equipment to ensure thorough restoration, which only professional firms can provide.

Electrical System Damage

Water damage that has affected your building’s electrical system calls for immediate professional intervention. This kind of damage is inherently hazardous and should only be handled by a professional to prevent possible electrical shock or fire.

You’ve Been Out of the Property

If you’ve been away for an extended period, and your property has experienced water damage while you were gone, it’s time to seek professional help. In this case, damages are usually severe as water has had plenty of time to seep into various materials, enhancing molds’ growth and potentially damaging the structure.

The Cause of the Water Damage Is Unknown

If you cannot detect the source of water damage, you should contact professionals trained to identify hidden water sources. They can also provide a comprehensive solution to ensure the problem does not reoccur.

Property Restoration

While managing water damage is critical, the essence of restoring the property must be considered. Should you require a comprehensive shift towards commercial property restoration in Portland, you’ll certainly need the help of professionals to bring your property to its former glory or even improve it.

Insurance Claims

Managing claims with your insurance company can be a complicated process. You’ll benefit from the assistance of professionals who can provide accurate damage reports, thus ensuring your claim gets approved.


In conclusion, while some minor water damage scenarios might be handled personally, most situations require the expertise of professionals. Always prioritize your safety and that of your property, and don’t hesitate to seek help from water damage restoration firms when needed. They have the right skills, equipment, and expertise to restore your property efficiently, quickly, and safely.